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Legal Info

Domain Owner & Responsibility for Content:

Ferienwohnungen Bacherhof
Family Schlick

St. Martiner Bergstraße 41
A-5582 St. Michael
Tel. +43/(0) 6477/8587
Mobil: +43/(0)676/86862256

IBAN: AT 03 3506 1000 0001 1205

E-Mail:  bacherhof.st.michael@aon.at
Web: www.bacherhof-sbg.at

Design & Programming: 

Clemens Mayr
Litzldorfergasse 138

A-5582 St. Michael


Photo Copyright: 

Family Schlick
Ferienregion Lungau

Liability for Content / Information: 
All offers are non-binding and subject to change. Claims for liability directed towards the Schlick Family and Mr. Mayr, with respect to material or intellectual damages which result from the use or non use of the information presented or the use of erroneous and incomplete information, are expressly excluded. 

Payment terms:
1. Deposit
2. Pre-payment shortly before the holiday beginning,
within the EU countries-> no expenses or
Cash payment during the stay

Canncelation Regulation: 
-there are no canncelation costs 3 months before arrive

-3 to 1 month 40% of the arrangement

-1 month to 1 week 70% of the arrangement
- in the last week 90% of the arrangement

Privacy Policy/ Legal Disclaimer / References and Links: 
In so far as you supply us with personal data, we will treat such information conscientiously and in accordance with prevailing privacy laws. Use of said information for other purposes or transfer of this information to third parties will not occur. If you wish to share highly confidential information with us, we strongly suggest that, for your own safety, you do so by means of the postal service. The Schlick Family expressly distances itself from the content of linked sites, which do not fall within the scope of its own website. No responsibility is accepted for the content of linked sites, especially with respect to changes to linked pages which are implemented subsequent to the original link having been originally created. We expressly wish to stress that we have absolutely no influence whatsoever on the design and content of websites, to which we have created links from our website. Should any sites to which we have created links indeed have questionable content, we ask that you inform us of this immediately; in such an instance, the link will be deleted immediately.

Online Dispute Resolution:
Since 01.09.2016 the EU regulation on online dispute resolution (Nr. 524/2013). 
Applies in consumer affairs. Disputes between consumers and merchants in connection of online sales contracts or online service contracts can be settledthrough the following online platform. http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/